C h r i s t m a s



December 6, l999

The people in all Christian countries celebrate Christmas as the anniversary of the birth of Christ. In nearly all these countries the date is December 25.

Christmas celebrations in the United States are not very different from those in other parts of the world. It is customary to give gifts to friends and relatives, and to have programs and ceremonies of a religious nature having to do with the birth of the Christ Child in Bethlehem.

The very young children believe that Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve in his sleigh drawn by reindeer, bringing presents for all good little boys and girls. The children hang their stockings before the fireplace on Christmas Eve, since they believe that Santa Claus enters the house by coming down the chimney. Parents usually fill the stockings with candy, toys, and apples or oranges.

Nearly every family in the United States has a Christmas tree and trims it and puts the presents under it. Some put Christmas trees on their porches or in front of their houses and string small electric lights on them.

One thing which is associated with Christmas in many parts of the United States is snow. At the mention of the word Christmas, one can almost hear the sleigh bells and the beautiful Christmas carols.

(From Life with the Taylors published 50 years ago)