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December 19, 2003


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1.         Saddam's arrest, which took place Saturday without a shot being fired, was a major victory for  coalition officials.

2.         Dutch children as young as 12 face being sent to prison next year if they repeatedly play truant(逃學).

3.         The United States has moved to reduce its diplomatic presence(減少外交人員) in Saudi Arabia by offering free flights(提供免費機票) home to non-essential diplomats(非必要外交人員) and all embassy dependents(外交人員眷屬) because of security concerns.

4.         Taiwan's SARS patient knew he was infected but ªdelayed going to a hospital for days because he didn't want to bring shame to the island, his father said in a TV interview broadcast Friday.

5.         AIDS kills 5,000 adults and 1,000 children every day in Africa. Life expectancy(壽命) there has plunged(下降) as much as 20 years because of the disease.

6.         A visitor looks at a series of ancient Chinese paintings featuring(描述) the act of lovemaking(做愛的動作) at the Chinese Sexual Culture Museum (中國性文化博物館) in Shanghai.

7.         The joy of Iraqis who briefly took to the streets Sunday to celebrate his capture was quickly tempered  with(使. . . 緩和) thoughts about the dangers and costs of life under U.S. occupation.

8.         U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell was undergoing surgery for prostate cancer(攝護腺) on Monday morning, the U.S. State Department said.

9.         Last month, Beijing's first "sex culture" exhibition was shut down after only one day, even after officials forced its organizer, sexual therapist(性治療師) Ma Xiaonian, to remove some sexually explicit exhibits and to bar(禁止) visitors younger than 18.

10.      A fuel truck bomb(裝有炸彈的油罐車) killed 17 people in a huge fireball that incinerated (燒成灰) cars on a Baghdad street on Wednesday as violence and instability gripped Iraq in the wake of Saddam Hussein's capture.

11.      Anticipating(預期) their own capture or death, Southeast Asian Islamic extremists sent their sons to Pakistan for training in how to attack Western targets so they could take over as the next generation of terrorist leaders, The Associated Press has learned.

12.      Pollution in the skies over Asia's booming cities is responsible for 500,000 deaths every year and the working lives(工作壽命) of many are shortened by health problems from breathing filthy air, experts said Wednesday.

13.      Male students at a Canadian university are being offered a free two-week holiday in Australia in return for their sperm(精子). It's getting difficult to find volunteers in Australia because of a new law that says sperm donors can no longer remain anonymous.

14.      Russias President Vladimir Putin(普亭) said today he would run in the March 2004 presidential election.  Putin made his widely expected announcement during a televised question-and-answer session with the Russian people.

15.      In a part of the world where pride and dignity mean everything, the images were clearly intended to shame(有意羞辱). A nameless doctor or medical technician, wearing rubber gloves, was seen closely examining(檢查) the man's(指海珊) hair, perhaps looking for vermin(跳蚤).


1. He knows that Grace is a good student.


2. His leg which was hurt has healed.


2. His leg that was hurt has healed.


3. His head, which was hurt, has healed.

子句前、後或前有逗點,非限制形容詞子句的關係代名詞不可用 that)

4. He was happy when he saw her.



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詞彙來源:閱聽視自中國郵報 (China Post),英國國家廣播公司(BBC)Ananova,美國有線電視新聞網(CNN)NBCNew York Times,加拿大National Post及其他網路新聞(Web News)等。
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