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May 7, 2004


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1.         Photos from a Baghdad prison, aired on a U.S. network and Arab channels, show nude Iraqi men forced to lie in a heap and simulate sex acts(模擬性行為), as their laughing captors pose and give the thumbs up sign(勝利的手勢).

2.         The images, as well as those of soldiers from U.S. ally Britain urinating on(向…撒尿) their Iraqi captives, have inspired Arab outrage, international condemnation(國際譴責) and a plea from U.S. President George W. Bush for Iraqis to judge his nation on its avowed principles, not the scenes of degradation(羞辱) in Iraq.

3.         The newspaper quoted military sources saying the Iraqi man had been detained as a suspected thief. The newspaper says the prisoner was thrown from a moving truck after the beating, and his fate is not known(他生死不明).

4.         An American contractor taken hostage by militants last month escaped from his captors on Sunday and ran into the arms of a group of passing American troops.

5.         The son of a former military strongman was easily elected as Panama's next leader in its first presidential vote since the handover of the Panama Canal and withdrawal of U.S. troops in December 1999.

6.         Hackers have invaded the computer systems of over 700 Taiwan companies and caused losses of more than NT$30 million for banks with electronic financial services, according to an initial estimate by the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

7.         Six embassies have received harassment calls warning foreign leaders against attending the May 20 presidential inauguration ceremony(動名詞片語作against) or risk drastic consequences, the National Security Bureau (NSB) said yesterday.

8.         A car bomb in southwest Pakistan Monday killed three Chinese engineers helping to build a multi-million dollar seaport and injured 11 others including two Pakistanis, police and hospital officials said.

9.         All official Chinese writing will read left to right like English in one year. For more than 2000 years, official documents and other writing in China have read vertically from right to left.

10.      Malaysia assured Thailand on Tuesday that it will never give sanctuary to Islamic separatists fighting for independence in Thailand's south.

11.      Just 100 days before the start of the Athens Olympics, three bombs exploded on Wednesday outside a police station in the Greek capital raising new security concerns about the world's biggest sporting event.

12.      Police raided a kidnapper hideout(隱匿地點) in Chiayi yesterday to rescue a Tainan pawnshop owner(當鋪老板)kept hostage for over one month after a NT$15 million ransom had been paid.

13.      Jordan called the actions of U.S. soldiers who allegedly abused Iraqi prisoners "shocking and revolting," and Egypt demanded punishment. But France determined to mend frayed relations(修補不和的) with the United States issued only the slightest of rebukes(譴責).

14.      President George W. Bush, trying to quell Arab outrage over the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, said he wanted Iraqis to know that the abuse "does not represent the America that I know."

15.       The international Red Cross(國際紅十字會) said Thursday it had repeatedly asked U.S. authorities to take action over prisoner abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison before recent revelations about the way detainees were treated.


1. He knows that Grace is a good student.


2. His leg which was hurt has healed.


2. His leg that was hurt has healed.


3. His head, which was hurt, has healed.

子句前、後或前有逗點,非限制形容詞子句的關係代名詞不可用 that)

4. He was happy when he saw her.



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