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May 14, 2004


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1.         Court officials in Taiwan have set aside thousands of disputed votes(爭議性的選票) in their recount of the March presidential election.

2.         Once one of Asia's richest countries, the Philippines is now among the poorest after a half century of dictatorship, corruption and instability.

3.         Senators(美國參議員) are getting a look at more photos of American soldiers brutalizing (殘忍虐待)Iraqi prisoners but won't have the authority to release(公佈) the pictures that the Defense Department warns could deepen international fury over the abuses.

4.         The balloting was also marred by incidents of violence that brought the total number of election-related deaths to more than 100.

5.         A 24-year-old U.S. military policeman will be the first soldier to face a court-martial(軍法審判) in connection with the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison, the military said Sunday.

6.         Fifty-five percent of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is handling Iraq, up from 49 percent a few weeks ago, according to the Gallup poll(蓋洛普民意調查中心) conducted several days after the prisoner scandal broke.

7.         The Army Times, a newspaper not accustomed to strong criticism of the Pentagon(五角大厦—指美國防部), has become the latest publication to suggest Defense Secretary Rumsfeld(國防部長倫斯斐) should step aside.

8.         Palestinian militants blew up an Israeli armored personnel carrier(裝甲運兵車) Tuesday, killing six Israeli soldiers in one of the fiercest battles in Gaza City in recent months. Seven Palestinians were also killed in the fighting, and 110 were wounded.

9.         The official count will take a month as teachers tally votes by hand(用手計票) and ballot boxes make a long journey from local polling stations to regional and national centers, with some officials bribed to alter the results along the way(途中).

10.      The number of disputed votes in Taiwan's first ever nationwide ballot recount(驗票) of the controversial presidential election(爭議性的總統選舉) has amounted to 13,110 for the past two days.

11.      Amnesty International(國際特赦組織) accused British soldiers in Iraq on Tuesday of killing civilians, including an eight-year-old girl and a wedding guest, when they posed no apparent threat.

12.      Honduras(洪都拉斯) announced last month it would withdraw the country's 370 soldiers who have been taking part in the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq. The decision was made after Spain said it was pulling all of its nearly 1,400 troops from Iraq before the transfer of power at the end of June.

13.      The U.S. military has opened an investigation into allegations that an Afghan police officer was stripped naked, beaten and photographed at a U.S. base in Afghanistan(名詞子句,作  allegations的同位語), the American Embassy in Kabul said Wednesday.

14.      Students are drinking more and more coffee or tea to stay awake or burn the midnight oil(開夜車) in preparation for the annual qualification tests, which are drawing near.

15.      Close to a quarter of vegetables and fruits consumed in Kaohsiung was poisoned(含毒), a former produce inspector(農產品檢驗員) exposed(爆料) yesterday.  Kaohsiung consumed 130,000 metric tons(公噸=1,000公斤) of produce last year.


1. He knows that Grace is a good student.


2. His leg which was hurt has healed.


2. His leg that was hurt has healed.


3. His head, which was hurt, has healed.

子句前、後或前有逗點,非限制形容詞子句的關係代名詞不可用 that)

4. He was happy when he saw her.



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