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September 3, 2004


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1.          The more setbacks we encounter, the more courageous we become.(愈挫愈勇)


2.          U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell canceled a weekend visit to attend the closing ceremony of the Olympics, prompting Greek communists who had organized anti-American protests in central Athens to claim victory Saturday.


3.          There is a lot of support here for policies that are pro-women, and it's a good statement against the war that is happening against women right now.


4.          Attackers wearing suicide-bomb belts(捆綁自殺炸彈) seized a school in a Russian region bordering Chechnya(與車臣交界) on Wednesday and were holding hundreds of hostages, reportedly including 200 children.


5.          A team of geologists set out by helicopter yesterday to see just how badly an elementary school in the mountains of Hsinchu County(新竹縣) was damaged during rock slides last week.


6.          An American soldier accused of deserting to North Korea in 1965 and now in hospital in Tokyo said on Wednesday he was willing to report to the U.S. military in Japan to face charges.


7.          Beijing is setting up(設立) four large-scale regulated(有管理的) dog markets in an attempt to undercut the black market and keep pace with(同步進行;配合) growing demand(日增的需求) from pet-lovers, state media reported Wednesday.


8.         Although Thailand is well-known for its racy nightlife(道地的夜生活), it is a predominantly Buddhist, conservative country(保守的國家), where displays of public affection, including kissing in public, are rare.


9.          A mainland Chinese man who tried to smuggle out stolen trees believed to bring good luck was sentenced in Hong Kong to three years and 10 months in prison.


10.      On the second day of the Republican National Convention(美國共和黨全國代表大會), police said nearly 1,000 demonstrators were arrested and more than 1,500 people have been arrested in convention-related protests since late last week.


11.      The UN Security Council has joined the United States and Secretary-General Kofi Annan(安南) in demanding the immediate and unconditional release(無條件釋放) of the Russian school hostages.


12.      French President Jacques Chirac(吉哈克) says his country's diplomatic efforts are focused on trying to secure the release of two French journalists being held hostage in Iraq.  Speaking during a visit to Russia, Mr. Chirac again called for their freedom.


13.      Cutting back or quitting smoking, less sugar intake and reducing fat consumption, more physical exercise, biking or walking and other health topics are becoming part of a national strategy to fight chronic diseases(慢性病) in China.


14.      The International Olympic Committee stripped a third Athens Games(雅典奧運) champion of(取消) his gold medal(金牌) on Sunday but its chief praised organizers on the final day for a fantastic Games.


15.      Doctors performed a record number of abortions in England and Wales in 2003, with almost two percent of women aged 15 to 44 choosing to end pregnancy, according to a health ministry figures published in the British press on Saturday. 



話句來源:閱聽視自中國郵報 (China Post),英國國家廣播公司(BBC),Ananova,美國有線電視新聞網(CNN),NBC,New York Times,Washington Post , 加拿大National Post及其他網路新聞(Web News)等。

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