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September 16, 2004


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1.          Chinese schools are taking steps to break taboos(打破禁忌) on sex educating with a new textbook for teenagersdealing with(論及) issues like masturbation(手滛), homosexuality(同性戀), and contraception(避孕)--Sept. 2004

2.          At least one suicide bomber stopped a mini-van packed with explosives outside the embassy, where it detonated, police said.

3.          Malaysia has placed an entire state under quarantine(隔離) because of an outbreak of bird flu(禽流感), which is blamed for the deaths of 29 people in the region, an official said on Wednesday.

4.          Family members clutching roses and bearing photos of the relatives(whom) they lost on Sept. 11 fell silent early Saturday to mark the third anniversary of the World Trade Center attack.

5.          The fight started at school, when some eighth-grade girls stole a pencil case(鉛筆盒) filled with makeup(化菻~) that belonged to a new classmate, and she reported them.

6.          The decapitated bodies(砍掉了頭的屍體) of three men, their heads strapped to their backs(被膠帶捆綁在他們的背部), were found dumped in nylon bags by a roadside north of Baghdad on Wednesday, Iraqi police and U.S. officials said.

7.          Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards accused President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney of misleading(誤導) Americans by implying a link between deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

8.          Fifty Australian police are in Jakarta assisting the investigation into last Thursday's suicide bombing outside the Australian embassy, which killed nine people and wounded 182.

9.          The government expressed confidence Monday that a cease-fire with Muslim separatist rebels and regional intelligence sharing will help isolate terrorist cells in the southern Philippines(名詞片語,confidence 的同位語), where officials believe dozens of Jemaah Islamiyah militants are hiding. 

10.      A grocer had his ear bitten off by a hungry customer when he refused to let him have a free watermelon.  Police who caught the blood stained attacker minutes later have charged him with grievous bodily harm and theft.

11.      Islamic militants in Iraq apparently have killed a Turkish man whom they took hostage last month.  A videotape posted on the Internet Monday shows armed men cutting the throat of a man who moments before had identified himself as Turkish truck driver Durmus Kumdereli

12.      The United Nations General Assembly's 59th session opens this week with questions about the world body's role and relevance in the 21st century. Since it was founded in 1945, the United Nations has grown from 51 to 191 member states.

13.      A team of foreign diplomats is preparing to visit the site of a huge explosion last week near North Korea's border with China that triggered alarm over a possible North Korean nuclear test.

14.      Tuesday's explosion was the deadliest such attack in Iraq since July, when 68 people were killed by a car bomb outside a police station in Baquba(限制形容詞子句,修飾July, when是關係副詞).

15.      In Japan, names of executed criminals are not released, nor are(倒裝句) executions announced beforehand. The government lifted a four-year moratorium(禁止令) on capital punishment in 1993. But until 1998, it refused to publicly acknowledge executions.

16.      The opposition-dominated Legislature yesterday blocked the Cabinet's attempt to withdraw a newly passed statute governing the investigation of the March 19 shooting that injured President Chen Shui-bian.

17.      A car bomb has killed at least 47 people in the Iraqi capital, while an attack on an oil pipeline in the north left much of the country without power.

18.     Pakistan's parliament has passed legislation (on Tuesday) tightening controls on the export of weapons-making nuclear and biological technology, as well as missile delivery systems.

19.      Children in England are still expected to complete national tests in English and Math. But the results will no longer be issued separately from a teacher's overall report(總成績單).

20.      Turkey says (that) it will end co-operation with the US in Iraq if the Americans continue with their offensive in the northern Iraqi town of Talafar.  "What is being done there(名詞子句,作主詞用) is harming the civilian population, that it is wrong," Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said on Monday.


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