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October 7, 2004


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1.      More than 4,000 police officers who have fallen in the line of duty(執行任務時殉職) will be remembered in the first National Police Memorial Day(警察節).

2.      The United States is finding out that leaving Iraq will be more difficult than winning the war.

3.     She declined to say what was discussed at the meting, which was also attended by the foreign minister, the defense minister, and other key security advisers.

4.      The former U.S. official who governed Iraq after the invasion said yesterday that the United States made two major mistakes: not deploying(部署) enough troops in Iraq and then not containing the violence and looting immediately after the ouster of Saddam Hussein(海珊).

5.      Two civilians, a woman and a child, were injured in the initial exchange of fire(交火) between the Marines and the anti-Iraqi forces. It (it是虛主詞,代替後面實主詞) is unclear at this time how their injuries occurred.

6.      Richard Lawless(勞樂士), a U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense(副國防部次長), Tuesday warned of "repercussions"(反彈) if Taiwan's parliament blocked the arms deal(阻擋軍購), during an annual defense industry conference(國防工業會議) in Phoenix, Arizona(亞力桑納州 鳳凰城).  He said a lack of desire to beef up(加強) the island's defense capability would cause friends and foes alike to consider Taiwan a "liability rather than a partner."(負債而非夥伴)

7.      Three powerful car bombs exploded across Iraq on Monday morning, killing at least 26 people and wounding more than 100 others in a day of carnage(大屠殺) that demonstrated the relative ease with which insurgents are striking in the hearts of major cities.

8.      British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said his trip had been long planned and was not directly connected to efforts for the release of 62-year-old British engineer Ken Bigley, kidnapped in Baghdad on Sept. 16.

9.      A tearful President Megawati Sukarnoputri(梅嘉娃蒂) told Indonesians on Tuesday to accept the result of the country's historic leadership ballot, but did not explicitly concede defeat(明示承認失敗) to her former security chief.

10.  In a report that will be the basis for new defense guidelines to be drawn up by the end of the year, an advisory panel(顧問小組) to Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi(小泉純一郎) said Monday that Japan should study acquiring pre-emptive strike capability(先制攻擊能力).

11.  In Taiwan experts have said that it might take three years to completely remove red fire ants from the capital, Taipei. Red fire ants give a painful sting which causes blisters and can sometimes result in death.

12.  The US has agreed to phase the withdrawal of troops(分階段撤兵) from South Korea after Seoul warned a sudden departure could leave it vulnerable to the North.

13.  Nearly half of the nation's expected supply of flu vaccine(流行性感冒疫苗) will not be available this winter because the British government has suspended the manufacturing license (生產執照)at the factory in Liverpool that makes it, federal officials said yesterday.

14.  Tony Blair is facing renewed calls to quit(再度要求辭職) ahead of official confirmation that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. The grouphunting for the dictator's arsenal is expected to announce it has found no evidence of chemical, biological of nuclear weapons.

15.  The United States has vetoed(否决) an Arab-drafted Security Council resolution(安理會決議) that would have demanded an immediate end to Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip(加薩走廊). The resolution received 11 'yes' votes(贊成票), with three other countries - Britain, Germany and Romania – abstaining(棄權).


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