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November 18, 2004


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1.          About 1,000 insurgents(叛軍) had been killed and another 200 captured during the Fallujah operation, Iraq's national security adviser Qassem Dawoud said on national television(國營電視台).

2.          "Listening to criticism is practicing democracy," Mr. Daoud said. "We don't ªmind being criticized by any party."

3.         President George W. Bush turned to his most trusted foreign policy adviser, Condoleezza Rice(萊斯), to lead U.S. diplomacy during his second term, replacing(替代) Secretary of State Colin Powell, who often was out of step with(步調不一致) more hawkish members(鷹派) of the administration's national security team.

4.          British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who worked together with Colin Powell on the Iraq war, said the former general had made the transition "from being a great soldier to being a great statesman and diplomat."

5.          Pacific Rim leaders(太平洋邊緣國家領袖) are expected to give a strong push(極力推動) to global trade talks and pledge to guard their economies from terror threats when they gather for their annual meeting this weekend, according to a draft of their final declaration.

6.         The Philippine military's former top finance official on Tuesday pleaded not guilty before a military court trying him for corruption, which President Gloria Arroyo has vowed to wipe out.

7.          The Queen of Thailand has made a rare public appeal calling for an end to the violence in the country's south.  During a 45-minute televised address, Queen Sirikit spoke of the suffering of ordinary Thais caught in the violence.  Earlier, Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra blamed the violence on Thai Muslims who had studied Islam abroad.

8.          French President Jacques Chirac(席哈克) says he is "not at all sure" the world has become safer with the removal from power of Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein.  President Chirac also maintains that any intervention in Iraq should have been through the United Nations.

9.          Tony Blair says, "A hundred years ago life expectancy(壽命) was 45 years. Improvements in housing, diet and healthcare mean that today it is 76 for men and 81 for women.  But living longer also means that diseases that were much rarer then are much more common today.

10.      ”In a report issued Tuesday, Amnesty International(國際特赦組織) says some of the world's biggest arms exporting countries are providing the Sudanese government with weapons that have been used to commit atrocities against civilians in the western Darfur region.

11.      Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is in Kashmir, hours after soldiers killed two suspected separatists near the stadium where the Indian leader plans to deliver a speech Wednesday.

12.      Ministers from 21 Asia-Pacific economies will begin meetings later Wednesday in Santiago(聖地牙哥), Chile(智利), ahead of a summit of leaders from the region later this week.  Officials say today's meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(亞太經合會) group will help set the agenda(議程) for the leaders' summit, and are expected to feature discussions on regional trade agreements and general trade policies(一般貿易政策).

13.     U.S. deaths in Iraq this month are approaching 100, making it the second-deadliest month since American forces invaded the country in March 2003, Pentagon records show.  The worst month was last April, with 135 deaths, when the insurgency intensified and U.S. Marines fought fierce battles in Fallujah.

14.      President Vladimir Putin(俄國總統普丁) said Wednesday that Russia is developing a new form of nuclear missile unlike those held by other countries, news agencies reported.  Putin said research was now underway on new nuclear missile varieties and “I am sure that in the near future, weapons will appear ...which are not and will not be possessed by other nuclear powers.

15.      African leaders have called for more funding for the UN's Global Fund, which fights Aids, tuberculosis and malaria.  For the first time, the fund is holding its board meeting(董事會) in Africa, where the three deadly diseases(致命的疾病) are widespread.


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