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November 25, 2004


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1.         China is Taiwan's biggest export market. The Chinese complain that their trade deficit(貿易赤字) with the island was nearly $40bn in 2003, which they blame on what they call restrictive measures(限制措施) imposed by Taiwan.

2.          Japan's ruling party is considering proposals to revise the law(修法) to let women take the throne(繼承王位), according to a draft seen by local media.

3.          Vietnam's deputy trade minister Mai Van Dau has been arrested over a scandal involving textile exports to the US.  He is the most senior official caught up in the scandal, which involved the selling of export quotas(出口配額) to Vietnamese garment makers(成衣製造商).

4.         While some have criticized the shift away from purely economic issues, several APEC leaders said business and security have become inseparable because of increased terrorism around the globe.

5.          The Philippine capital is facing a garbage crisis with the threatened closure of a major dumpsite(垃圾場) where more than 8,000 tons of refuse(垃圾) is deposited every day, officials said Monday.

6.          In rural clinics across this impoverished nation (Ethiopia), people like Mr. Tolla are diagnosing and treating(診斷與治療) major killers: diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria. All of them have one thing in common: they are trained to do the work of doctors, but none is actually a physician.

7.         Three foreign UN workers who were taken hostage last month in Afghanistan have been freed unharmed.  The exact circumstances of their release remains unclear, though the Afghan interior minister denied any deal had been done with the kidnappers.

8.          European Union defence ministers have agreed to set up a military rapid reaction force(快速反應部隊), to be deployed at short notice to conflicts around the world.  The force, to be in place within three years, will consist of a number of units each made up of 1500 troops.

9.          The U.N. warned Tuesday that the world is facing a "unique development challenge," as new data showed nearly 40 million people now have HIV(愛滋病毒) and over 3 million will die of AIDS this year, the highest tolls in the 23-year history of the killer disease.

10.      In April of last year, when her mother dropped by federal immigration headquarters in Manhattan to complete some paperwork(文件), 8-year-old Virginia Feliz became part of a growing tribe of American children who have lost a parent to deportation.

11.      An international conference on the future of Iraq, which ended in Egypt Tuesday, offered support for the interim Iraqi government's election plan, and called on all nations to help make the election a success.

12.      Ivory Coast's ambassador to the United Nations is calling for an independent inquiry into the violence that has again erupted in his country.  The government of the Ivory Coast, called a news conference in Washington to express its displeasure with a United Nations arms embargo against the country, passed last week.

13.      Taiwan's second-ever "referendum" was aborted(失敗) yesterday, leaving the Justice Ministry(法務部) with a very fundamental issue unanswered — the location of the ministry building's bathrooms(洗手間).

14.      Americans often date the nation's annual Thanksgiving holiday back to a feast held nearly 400 years ago, when English settlers in what is now Massachusetts gathered together to thank God for their successful harvest and for the freedoms and opportunities available in what they called "the new world."

15.      A top Chinese diplomat says North Korea remains stable, despite unconfirmed reports that posters of leader Kim Jong Il(金正日) have been taken down in the capital, Pyongyang.  Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister told reporters in Beijing that he recently visited the North Korean capital and said speculation that leader Kim Jong Il may be losing his grip on power(掌權) is groundless.



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