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December 2, 2004


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1.          The thousands of mainly middle-aged female fans who turned out to see Korean actor Bae Yong-joon(裴t俊) either cried or grabbed(搶拍) pictures of him on their mobile phones.

2.          A top Iranian official has claimed a "great victory" over the US after the UN said it would not punish Iran's nuclear activities with sanctions.

3.          The High Court is deciding whether a man can take his chronically-sick wife(患慢性病妻子) to Switzerland for an assisted suicide(協助自殺). The woman, who has a progressive brain disease, is too ill to travel alone and would need someone to help her.

4.          Scientists have identified the first direct link between stress(壓力) and aging(老化), a finding that could explain why intense, long-term emotional strain can make people get sick and grow old before their time.

5.          Experts say physical activity appears to help not only breast cancer patients, but those with various other malignancies(惡性腫瘤) as well. It can help lift depression(憂鬱症), for instance, and reduce treatment side effects(因治療產生的副作用) like fatigue and nausea(嘔吐).

6.          Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has told Burma it needs to improve its record on political reform.  Mr Thaksin noted that Burma was to host the 2006 summit of the Association of South East Asian nations (Asean), and said change was needed before then.

7.          Ignoring the sex industry(色情行業) will allow AIDS to spread unchecked, aid workers said Tuesday at a conference aimed at fighting the pandemic(世界性流行病) in Asia-Pacific, where even discussing sex is taboo in many countries.

8.          A survey of foreigners living in Taiwan found most foreigners were not that(那樣地) happy with the island's English language environment — despite recent government efforts to lure foreign investment, tourism and overseas students.

9.          Tom Ridge, who as the first secretary of homeland security(國土安全部長) led the post-9/11 effort to protect the United States from a terrorist attack at home, said on Tuesday that he would leave his job no later than Feb. 1.

10.      France has acknowledged that its troops in Ivory Coast killed about 20 people in early November during clashes with supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo. A French defence ministry spokesman said the victims included both civilians and Ivorian(象牙海岸) soldiers.

11.      Rescuers searching for a US military plane which went missing in Afghanistan(阿富汗) have recovered the bodies of six passengers from the crash site.  The US military says the wreckage of the aircraft was found in the central Bamiyan province.

12.      The largest annual Information Technology Exhibition(資訊展) for consumers has finally arrived. From mobile phones to miniature laptops(小型手提電腦) and PDAs, digitalization is in full swing throughout Taiwan's major cities, as 350 domestic exhibitors will be on hand to showcase(展示) their most innovative digital products(具創意的數位產品).

13.      In big red light districts(風化區), such as Sonagachi in Calcutta(加爾各達), where at least 10,000 prostitutes make a living, some men continue to insist on sex without condoms(保險套).  The trafficked girls(被販賣的女子) are forced to oblige. Many come from rural villages and do not know what Aids is before they are sold to pimps(老鴇).

14.      A confidential report to Army generals in Iraq in December 2003 warned that members of an elite military and CIA task force were abusing detainees, a findingdelivered more than a month before Army investigators received the photographs from Abu Ghraib prison that touched off investigations into prisoner mistreatment.

15.      Rescuers dug with their bare hands(赤手空拳) on Wednesday to find survivors from landslides and floods that killed up to 600 people in a part of the northern Philippines due to be hit by a typhoon in just over 24 hours.



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