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December 9, 2004


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1.          Secretary-General Kofi Annan(安南) rejected calls for his resignation from several U.S. lawmakers, saying Tuesday he will “carry on(繼續)”at the helm(掌權) of the United Nations for the next two years.

2.          "If you come to my office and lie down with me, you can pass." That was the offer, Ileana Figueroa recalled, that taught her sex was the price of passage to the United States. She said it was the Honduran(宏都拉斯的) border official's demand.

3.          The Council of Labor Affairs(勞委會) agreed to make adjustments to the minimum hourly wage paid to the increasing number of students who have to take up part-time work to help their families.

4.          Prominent Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim(安華) began a high-profile(高規格的) trip to Indonesia on Tuesday, brushing off(不與理會)remarks from Malaysia's prime minister that foreign leaders should think twice about meeting him.

5.          Online activities, such as sending instant messages, uploading and downloading files and playing games that require widened bandwidths(寬頻) both ways, are on the rise(增加) as compared to last year.

6.          More than one-third of table lamps on the Taiwan market are not up to standards(達到標準) and this could be one of the major factors for the relatively high ratio of eyesight problems(視力問題) on the island, according to the Consumers Foundation(消費者基金會).

7.         Indonesia's vice president insisted on Wednesday he would meet prominent Malaysian opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim this week despite Malaysia's prime minister urging foreign leaders to think twice before seeing him.

8.          Men who use laptop computers could be unwittingly(無知不覺地) damaging their fertility(生殖力), experts believe.  Balancing it on the lap increases the temperature of the scrotum(陰囊) which is known to have a negative effect(負面效果) on sperm production(精蟲生產), researchers found.

9.          As the confirmed death toll from devastating storms in the Philippines rises to more than 840, rescuers have pulled at least four survivors from a building that collapsed in mudslides 10 days ago. Up to 20 others may still be alive inside.

10.      Argentina has sharply reduced its gas exports in response to a domestic energy crisis, triggering(引起) serious shortages in neighbouring Chile(智利).  Chile, which has few energy reserves of its own, faces a gas supply shortfall of 2.3 million cubic metres a day.

11.      Guerrillas carried out a series of raids in the city of Samarra, stealing weapons from a police station, blowing it up, and exchanging fire with police and U.S. troops. At least five Iraqis were killed, and the city police chief resigned.

12.      Thailand's Election Commission has set a Feb. 6 date for general elections(國會選舉), one of its members announced Wednesday.  Parinya Nakchattri said(that) the date will become official after Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's Cabinet approves it and(that) a royal decree is issued confirming it.  Parliament's term ends on Jan. 5 and according to the law, an election must be held within 45 days after that date.

13.      Doctors treating Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko say they are looking at a highly toxic chemical(有毒的化學物質) as the cause of his mysterious illness.  Leading Austrian physician Michael Zimpfer told VOA(Voice of America), from a Vienna hospital, that specialists have narrowed the causes of Mr. Yushchenko illness to the presence of dioxin(戴奧辛) in his tissue.

14.      U.S. Marines on Wednesday began helping relief operations in the Philippines following storms that have left more than 1,500 people dead as fears grew of a health crisis(grew) among survivors. Two Seahawk Marine helicopters arrived at an evacuation center in this northeastern coastal town, dropping off medicine, drinking water and food packs to hungry survivors left homeless by landslides and floods since early last week.

15.      Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who faces criticism over corruption in the agency's defunct(已經不存在的)oil-for-food program(石油換食物計畫), enjoyed a standing ovation(起立鼓掌) Wednesday from General Assembly members.  The expression of support was planned(有計畫的). Earlier in the morning, diplomats said they wouldn't be surprised if members of the U.N. General Assembly delivered such a rare gesture.


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