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May 5, 2005


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1.          Taiwan yesterday lamented(惋惜) that Washington's has not removed altogether Taiwan from its watchlist of countries that need to improve intellectual property protection.

2.          Members of Iraq's police force and police recruitment centers(警察招募中心) have frequently been targeted by insurgents who view them as collaborators with US-led forces.

3.          Xi'an(西安) is now a top tourist destination, home of the famed terracotta warriors(兵馬俑)commissioned by the first emperor of China more than 2,000 years ago to guard him in the afterlife(生後). Its old city walls have survived the ages, as have historic temples and mosques(清真寺).

4.         Investigators have uncovered a mass grave in southern Iraqcontaining as many as 1,500 bodies, most of them thought to be Kurds(庫德族人) forcibly removed from their homes in the late 1980s.

5.          Bakhtiar Amin, Iraq's outgoing human rights minister, who is a Kurd, said Iraqi authorities needed to set up some sort of fund for the victims of Saddam's rule. He suggested that five percent of oil revenues(石油收入) be allocated for compensation.

6.          In the second incident, which happened less than two hours later, Egyptian Health Minister Mohammed Awad Tag Eddin told reporters two women had opened fire on a tour bus and one of them was killed.

7.          "I heard a huge explosion," Mrs. Muhammad. "I went out to see what happened and saw a plume of smoke rising in the sky. I rushed to see that my three kids were wounded. Now what can I do with three disabled kids?"

8.          Chen Yunlin(陳雲林), head of the Taiwan Office of the State Council(國台辦主任), announced in Shanghai in the morning China's decision to present the giant pandas(熊猫), let Chinese tourists visit Taiwan, and allow more produce imports(農產品進口) from the island, almost all of them tariff free(零).

9.          The police helicopter caught fire as it crashed. Two people were killed after being thrown out the chopper, while the burned bodies of the other three were trapped inside the wreckage.

10.      "We take every opportunity to urge both sides to avoid any action that can inflame tensions across the straits and we continue to believe that a solution to tensions that arise should be sought through dialogue," EU spokeswoman(歐盟女發言人) Emma Udwin said.

11.      U.S. intelligence has detected the movement of heavy equipment in North Korea that points to possible preparations for an underground nuclear test(地下核子試爆), a South Korean newspaper said on Tuesday.

12.       About 1,000 journalists have marched in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, to demand the restoration of press freedoms following the royal takeover.  Severe restrictions, including media censorship, were imposed after King Gyanendra seized control on 1 February.

13.      Indonesian authorities have confirmed a second case of polio(小兒麻痺症), a day after announcing they had discovered the first case for almost 10 years.  Officials said they were confident they could prevent a major outbreak.

14.      Eight civilian organizations have held rallies in Tokyo opposing revision of the Japanese constitution.  Participants at the rally called on all Japanese citizens to protect the constitution saying that the revision is not in the interest of the Japanese people but rather could pave the way for war.

15.      The families of British troops killed in Iraq marched on Prime Minister Tony Blair's office Tuesday, demanding a public inquiry into the legality of the war.  The protest came as the mother of a British soldier who died in Iraq on Monday blamed Blair for her son's death.


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