June 12, 2000




1. 動詞


1) suggest

I suggested that he pay the money immediately. (Am. English)

I suggested that he should pay the money immediately. (Br.English)

Her expression suggested that she was angry. (本句中suggested 意為


2) propose

I proposed that this matter be considered at the next meeting.

3) move

I moved that the meeting be adjourned for the time being.

4) insist

I insisted that he go to the library to borrow some books to read.

5) urge

It was urged that martial law be lifted next September.

6) demand

The criminal came to her house and demanded that she help him.

7) desire

The woman desired that all the letters be burnt after her death.

8) advise

I advised her that she be patient and wait until the next week.

9) ask

I asked that I be allowed to see the injured student as soon as possible.

10) command

The General Wang commanded that we attack the enemy at once.

11) instruct

The judge instructed the witness that he tell the whole truth.

12) order

The police officer ordered that the policemen fire the guns.

13) request

The professor requested that she write a term paper as soon as possible.

14) require

The boss required that all his employees work 16 hours a day.

15) recommend

I recommend that everyone student buy this grammar book.


2. 形容詞


15) advisable

It is advisable that he leave school as soon as possible.

16) anxious

He was anxious that his father have all she wants.

17) essential

It is essential that every child have the same educational opportunities.

18) necessary

It was necessary that her parents be informed of her whereabouts.

19) important

It was important that every student turn in his term paper at the end of the semester.

20) imperative

It is imperative that she write her reearch paper at once.

21) better

It is better that the President (Nixon) leave office than fight and keep it.

22) resolved

It is resolved at the committee that the manager be fired. (The committee resolved to fire the manager.)



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