The evening of October 31 is called Halloween. It is celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles (1) by children. It is the time of witches(2) and ghosts(3). Children make faces in pumpkins(4) by removing the pulp(5) and seeds and cutting holes in the shell for the eyes, nose, and mouth. These pumpkins are called jack-o'-lanterns(6). A lighted candle is placed inside to shine through the holes. Dressed in costumes and wearing masks(7), boys and girls go from house to house saying “trick or treat”(8) when someone answers the doorbell. This means that if the people of the house don't give them a treat, such as candy or apples, they will play tricks on(9) the house. Most people enter into the spirit of (10) the fun and give the boys and girls candy.


1. 大不列顛群島(即英國)

6. 空心南瓜燈

2. 巫婆

7. 面具

3. 鬼

8. 不給糖就搗蛋

4. 南瓜

9. 開 . . . 的玩笑

5. 瓜肉

10. 體諒 . . . 的心情


Halloween 到底是不是萬聖節?

Halloween 是萬聖節(All Saints’ Day)前夕,是西洋鬼節,但早年習稱Halloween
為萬聖節。 Halloween是10月31日,而萬聖節是11月1日,所以稱Halloween
媒體也約定俗成稱之U萬聖節,如2002/10/29/聯合報 p.34:「萬聖節扮裝秀DIY--
喲,後天(註:即10/31)……搞鬼無罪,嚇人有理……」。也指Halloween U萬

「今天萬聖節」字幕 (200210/31)