3. Teacher's Classroom English



- May I have your attention, Class? 大家請注意。

- Where did we stop last time? (Where did we leave off last time?) 上次課文上到那裡?

- What page were we on? - Can you follow me? 在那一頁? 你們懂嗎?

- Raise your hands if you have any questions. 有問題請舉手。

- Say it after me. - Say it all together. 跟我說。 大家一起說。

- It's (name)'s turn. - The stress is on the first syllable. 現在輪到某人。 重音在第一音節。

- Put your things away. 請把東西拿開。

- Clean off (Clear up) your desks. Please keep up the good work.


- What day of the week is it today? (What day is it?) 今天星期幾?

- What's the date today? 今天幾號?

- How's the weather today? - Time is up. (That's the end of class.)

今天天氣如何? 時間到了,現在下課。

- What's your excuse for being late? 遲到的理由是什麼?

- Please close the book and listen to me. 請把書合起來,聽我講。

- Do you have any questions about what we read last time?上次上的課,有什麼問題沒有?

- That's a good question. 這個問題問得好。

- Any other questions? - Okay, let's get back to the lesson.

還有別的問題嗎? 好,現在我們再回到課文。

- Listen to me and repeat. - Read the passage once more.

聽我唸同時跟我唸。 把這一節再讀一次。

- There are exceptions to all rules. 所有的規則都有例外。

- Can you give me another example? (some other examples)? 請再給我舉個例。

- Did you understand what I (just) read? 我剛才唸的你們懂嗎?

- I'll get to that in a minute. - Let's turn to page 50.

我馬上講那個。 我們翻到第五十頁。

- Let's go on to the next paragraph. - Please read the next paragraph.

我們再看下一段。 請讀下一段。

- That's not too bad. - Now repeat after me.

不錯。 現在跟我唸。

- Think hard. - This (what you said) is a very common error.

好好想一想。 這是個很普遍一個的錯誤。

- We'll take that up in the next class. 我們下堂課再討論這一點。

- I want you to use a complete sentence. (Say it in a complete sentence.)


- Is that clear? - Is everything clear? - Any questions?

清楚了嗎? 一切都清楚了嗎? 有任何問題嗎?

- Please come here. - Please go back to your seat. 請到這兒來。 請回到你的座位上。

- Take your time. - There is no hurry. 慢慢來。 不要急。

- Hurry up. - Turn around, Please. 快點。 請轉過來。

-         Please open your book to lesson 11. 請翻到第十一課。

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