4. Student's Classroom English



- I'm sorry to be late. - I'm sorry. I'm late.


- Sir, please repeat what you said. Would you please say it again?

老師,請再複述一遍。 請你再說一次。

- I beg your pardon. 對不起,沒聽懂。

- I don't quite understand. 我不太懂。

- Would you please explain this word (phrase, sentence)?


- How do we read this word? (Pronounce)  這個字怎麼讀?

- How do I say that  in English?  那個用英語怎麼說?

- I missed the bus. 我沒趕上公車。

- There was a traffic jam.  交通阻塞。

- How do you spell “New York”? 「紐約」怎麼拼?

- I have another question. 我還有一個問題。

- I don't quite understand the difference between ____ and ____.


- What is the difference between ____and ____?

- Is there a difference between______and ____?


- Is it all right to say ____? 我們說……對嗎?

- When will we get the test results?


- Have you corrected our papers yet? 我們的作業您改了嗎?

- Please speak louder! 請說大聲一點。

- Where does the stress go in the word “area”?

"area" 這個字的重音在那兒?

- May I leave the room?  我可以離開嗎?

- I'll be back. 我馬上回來


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