How To Read English Newspapers

1.     選版閱讀


2.     劃記圈選
a. Whoever started the trouble should end it. (8/18/1989, China Post)
b. And as we begin this bright, shiny new year, consider this inspirational Chinese proverb:
“If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
“If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
“If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.
"When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”
(Dear Abby. Promises for a New Year. China News, January 1, 1999)


3.      中英對照
“WHO votes against admission of PLO.”
“Under U.S. prodding, the World Health Organization has deferred until next year a decision on whether to admit the PLO’s self-declared state of Palestine as its 167th member . . . . ” (5/14/1989, China Post)
Chinese translation  (5/14/1989, United Daily News)


4.      學習文法 (Grammar)

1)      分詞或分詞片語:
(8/19/1989, China Post)
Looking relaxed, smoking and smiling, he reappeared on state television on
Thursday evening saying he saw no one hurt in the square and that advancing troops fired into the air.”(

2)      虛字(expletive) “it” 在句前做虛主詞代替句後出現的真主詞的例句,「中國郵報」(7/26/1987, China Post) 第六版:

(1)    “I think it’s nice to be recognized and it is certainly nice to be appreciated.”

(2)    It was not clear whether the U. S. officials referred to the same incident.”

(3)    It was not immediately clear what impact the bills would have on two major U.S. military bases in the Philippines.”

3)      英文用法的例句,「中國郵報」:

(1)    “Four in 10 of the institutions surveyed were already having difficulty filling business posts and one in four said they were having trouble recruiting faculty in mathematics and health professions.”
difficulty trouble之後用動名詞,即fillingrecruiting)
(7/25/1989, China Post)

(2)    「中國郵報」,惜未紀錄刊出日期。

(a)     None of the crewmen aboard the super-tankers was injured.”

(b)    None (of the differences) are really important,” he said, repeating his statement
 in Bonn that “ nothing can decouple the United States from Europe.”

4)      前置詞的例句,「中國郵報」及「中國日報」:

(1)    A ranking Soviet diplomat was found hanging by his neck from a leather belt in the bathroom of his residence in Madras (on) Friday. (12/17/1988, China Post)

(2)    Deputy Defense Minister Ran-jan Wijeratne elaborated on proposals by President Ranasinghe Premadasa for possible international involvement in any further talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.(7/10/1990, China Post)

(3)    Hong Kong - the Tiaoyutai islands dispute took a tragic and emotional turn yesterday when the leader of a ship of protesters from Hong Kong jumped into the sea and drowned after being barred from going ashore.( 9/27/1996, China News) (The leader’s name was David Chan陳毓祥---a 46-year-old man.)

5.      學習修辭 (Rhetoric)

1)      “We have challenged these evil forces that are trying to weaken our independence, our security and our future.” (摘自「中國郵報」,惜未錄日期。) 本句中重複 “our” 一字, 以加強語氣。

2)      No troops were sent into combat to die unnecessarily, no laws were broken, no papers were shredded, no money changed hands, no one lied to Congress and every one of the those things happened under this administration,” he said.

3)      Now is not the time for anger and bitterness, for recrimination and blame.
Now is the time for calm reflection ….  Now is the time to tell Rich
Higgins that we love him and we miss him,” she said.
摘自「中國郵報」 8/10/1989, China Post). 句中重複 “now is (not) the time” “for” 以加強語氣。


6.      文法專題研究 (Study of a Specific Grammatical Element)
「中國郵報」(7/21/1987,China Post) 第三版有一則新聞標題是 “Merry-go-round falls over in Poland; 16 kids, 9 adults hurt(波蘭一旋轉木馬翻覆,16個小孩,9個大人受傷)
Warsaw, July 20 (AFP) Sixteen children and nine adults were injured when a merry-go-round collapsed at a crowded fairground in a working-class neighborhood of Warsaw on Sunday, the Polish news agency APA reported.
The injured were taken to hospital but their lives were not in danger, the agency added, without giving details on their condition.
The cause of the accident was not immediately known. The merry-go-round was apparently going at high speed when it fell over, throwing animal figures and carriages containing  children to the ground and hitting  people standing by, the agency said.


Verbals (participle, infinitive, and gerund) in News Headlines

( 7/20/1987, China Post )

pp.   1-2

1.Senate groups checked on medical records of dying Casey, report says.

2.Four Iranian embassy staff members expelled by France.

3.U.S. Stinger missiles altering war in Afghanistan, Post says.

4.New York Times urges delay of U.S. reflagging plan.

5.Broad consensus seen in France in favor of split with Iran.

6.Messe testimony put off for a week.

7.Iranian activist killed in Vienna, newspaper says.

8.Thatcher to tell Gorbachev of U.S. concern on arms talks.

9.U.S. convoy to run the gauntlet from missiles to mines in Gulf.

10.Two Kuwaiti tankers to receive U.S. flags, protection, tomorrow.

11.Iran to begin “martyrdom” exercise in Gulf by August.

12.Voting starts in Portugal elections.

13.Reagan seeks for more funding for Contras.


pp.   3-8

1.Bus mishap death toll rises to 8, 2 still missing.

2.M’land China faces growing population among the elderly.

3.Death toll from typhoon climbs to 111 with 257 missing.

4.30 feared dead as floods sweep northern Italy.

5.Raid yields 111 suspected drug pushers in Peru.

6.76,000 Mercedes cars recalled.

7.38 die in 9 insurgency-related incidents.

8.Paper gown designed for bride on a budget.

9.Main witnesses at Iran arms hearings cast doubt on each other’s credibility.

10.Mexico continues cooperating with OPEC oil producers.

11.World Bank has record lending year.

12.Waves of bombings raise concern in HK.


pp.   9-12

1.Smoking youths stab moviegoer.

2.Truckers boycotting Miaoli pottery plants.

3.detained on uninhabited island.

4.fugitives nabbed from stricken boat.

5.Glass piece in tongue unnoticed for 6 years.

6.Change urged in status of Forestry Bureau.

7.Gov’t may increase taxi fares, allow charge by elapsed time.

8.Unexpected elements may tip tournament.

9.Wilander to face Carlsson in U.S. Clay Court tennis finals.

10.Dangerous rocks to be removed near Taroko.

11.Cabinet says military to stay “nonpartisan.”

12.U.S insurers to vie to enter local market.


1/17/1998  CNN

Poll—Japan jobless rate seen rising in 1998/98 (fiscal year ends in March)


7.      拒絕透露姓名、要求匿名(Anonymity)
「中國郵報」(6/18/1985, China Post) 的新聞中就有五則新聞用到

(1)    speaking on condition he be not identified.

(2)    speaking on condition he not be named.(5/10/2000, China Post)

(3)    who spoke only on condition that his name not be used.

(4)    who asked to remain anonymous.

(5)    who did not want to identify himself.

(6)    who declined to be identified.

(7)    who insisted on not being identified.

(8)    who demanded anonymity.

(9)    who insisted on anonymity

(10)  who briefed reporters on condition of not being named.

(11)  who wished to remain anonymous.

(12)  who did not wish his name used.

(13)  who did not want to be named.

(14)     who spoke on condition he not be identified by name.(12/29/1989, China Post)

(15)      who agreed to discuss the talks in general terms on condition he not be identified. (12/23/l992, China News)

(16)  who asked not to be identified.(12/28/1992, China News)

(17)  who requested anonymity.(1/3/1993, China News)

(18)  who declined to be named.(1/11/1993, China News)

(19) a spokesman for the royal family said on customary terms of anonymity. (1/27, 1998, China News)

(20)  They spoke on customary condition their names not be used. (1/27/1998, China News)

(21)  who asked not to be named.(1/27/1998, China News)

(22)  They spoke on condition that they not be identified. (4/19/2000, China News)

(23)  The agenda for the meeting was not known, said the diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of protocol. (11/7/2007, China Post)

(24)  …said a person familiar with her condition who asked not to be named because news about her is a sensitive topic. (11/7/2007, China Post)

(25)  A scared resident of the town told Reuters by telephone, asking to remain anonymous for security reasons.(10/29/2007, China Post)

(26)  Another resident, also asking to remain unnamed, said police were making announcements through loudspeaker urging residents to move to safer places.(10/29/2007, China Post)

(27)  …a police official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said.(5/10/2008, China Post)


8.      閱報工具書:

a.       中英新聞辭彙
(1)zero-sum game (
零和遊戲) (2) win-win situation (雙贏局面)
(3) lose-lose situation (
雙輸局面)(4) drug lord (毒梟)
(5) drug trade (
毒品交易)(6) drug smuggling (毒品走私)
(7) drug trafficking wing(
販毒集團)(8) landing visa (落地簽証)
(9) admission through screening and recommendation (
(10) traditional industry (
傳統產業)(11) sex industry (色情行業)
(12) sunset industry(
夕陽工業)(13) service industry (服務)
(14) helicopter gunship(

b.       5000 English-Chinese Phrases in the News(英漢、漢英新聞詞彙5000)

c.      English-Chinese & Chinese-English Frequently Used Phrases in the News(英漢、漢英新聞常用語詞典)

d.     英漢、漢英網路英語新聞詞彙