February 23, 2005


作者簡介:請見 (2-1)



人:Who is going to the States with you?

       Whose bags are those?

       Whom are you going to visit while you are in the States?

事:What’s the purpose of your visit here?
                     What are you going to do when you are here?

                     What are the Dos and Don’ts(該做及不該做)while one visits a
      foreign  country?

時:When will the plane take off?

        When will we arrive?

        When is the connecting flight?

地:Where is the bus terminal?

        Where can I find the nearest convenience store?

        Where is the souvenir shop located?

物:What’s the thing crawling over there?

        Which would you prefer? Chicken or beef?

        What is the drink made of/with?

如何:How far is the train station from here?

            How can I get to the Metropolitan Museum?

           Why is that he could play it twice and only once for me?



敘述句:I am going there with my friends.

              I want to visit some relatives, and friends as well if I have time.

              I have been dreaming of going to the States since I was a kid.

疑問句:How much is that red sweater?

                           Do I have to get a valid passport before I can apply for the visa to
the U.S.?

               Is there any place you would recommend that’s worthy of visiting?

否定句:I don’t think that’s such a good idea to go there alone.

               We have decided not to spend the rest of our trip shopping.

                             I would rather go somewhere else instead of /than just staying
in the   hotel.

命令句:Don’t do anything local people won’t/Do in Rome as Romans do!
                            Leave it there! The janitor will take care of it.

Watch out! You are too close to the cliff!

驚嘆句:What a magnificent view!

                What a sight for sore eyes!

                What a bargain!



1 主詞+完全不及物動詞:

  Plane flies high in the sky.

  People laugh happily around the pool.

  Stores usually close at 6 pm on weekdays.

2 主詞+不完全不及物動詞+主詞補語:

  The trip was great!

  The food is excellent!

  The price is just about what I can afford.

3 主詞+完成及物動詞+受詞:

  I bought this blouse at the Macy’s.

  I had the Persian food for the first time last night.

  We went to the Disneyland yesterday and had a wonderful time there.

4 主詞+不完全及物動詞+受詞+受詞補語:

   I found the whole trip interesting.

   I ran into Ms. Wang who is my math teacher in the States.

   I saw the bag that I have been wanted for a long time in the mall yesterday.

5 主詞+授與動詞+間接受詞+直接受詞:

                   I want to buy my family some souvenirs. I want to buy some souvenirs for my family.

                   They want to give the guide a big tip./ They want to give a big tip to the guide.

                   We asked the receptionist places to visit before we left the hotel.
                    I want to buy my family some souvenirs./ I want to buy some  souvenirs for
                   my family.

They want to give the guide a big tip./ They want to give a big tip  to the guide.

We asked the receptionist places to visit before we left the hotel.





peak/high season(旺季),off/slow season(淡季),book/reserve(預約),tour package(套裝旅遊),paper work(文件),passport(護照),apply(申請),visa(簽證),certificate of employment(工作證明),financial statement(財力證明),AIT, American Institute, Taiwan(美國在台協會),purpose(目的),staff(工作人員),office clerk(職員),itinerary(行程),sightseeing(觀光),cultural shock(文化衝擊),guidebook(旅遊指南),travel agent/agency(旅行社職員;旅行社),one-way ticket(單程機票),round-trip ticket(來回機票),direct flight(直飛班機),discount(折扣),internet(資訊網),web page(網頁),web site(網站),valid(有效的),budget(預算),insurance(保險),pamphlet(文宣傳單),brochure(小冊子),flight attendant(空服員),reasonable(合理的),hotel chain(連鎖旅館),check-list(清單),organizer(筆記本),money belt(秘密錢袋),(photo)copy(影本),stash(藏塞),carry-on bag(隨身行李),check-in bag(寄運行李),expiry date(到期日)。



shopping list(購物清單),snack(零食),produce(農產品),organic(有機的),yummy(好吃的),GMF(Genetic Modified Food;基因改造食品),calorie(卡路里),coupon(折價卷),grocery(雜貨),label(標籤),cash or charge(現金或記帳),dairy product(奶類製品),super market(超級市場),food mart(食物商場),convenience store(便利商品),mom-and-pop store(街坊小鋪),waiter/waitress(男/女服務生),order(點餐),house wine(例酒/招牌酒),roast(烤),grill(炙),allergic to(對、、敏感),bite(吃;當名詞用:to grab a bite),brunch(早午餐;breakfast+lunch),caffeine(咖啡因),de-cafe(無咖啡因),combo(套餐;combination),deli(熟食店;delicatessen),dressing(沙拉醬),dipping(沾醬),stuffing(填充物),topping(澆汁,澆醬),hors d’oeuvres(開胃菜),hostess(餐廳領班),junk food(垃圾食品,汎指高熱量),recipe(食譜)。



ad(廣告;advertisement),shopping mall(購物中心),outlet(物流或暢貨中心),menswear/womenswear/childreswear (男/女/童裝部),sportswear(運動衣),footwear(鞋部),luxuries(精品),formal(正式),casual(一般),XL(加大;extra large),M(中號;medium),S(小號;small),XS/petite(超小號;袖珍),price tag(標籤價),fade(退色),shrink(縮水),10% off(九折),shirt(裙),dress(洋裝),pants(長褲),suit(西裝;套裝),dress shirt(搭配西裝的襯衫),blouse(女性襯衫),apparel(服裝配飾),fitting room(試衣間),alternate(修改),gift-wrapping(禮品包裝),exchange(以物易物),refund(退貨換錢),invoice(發票),receipt(收據)。



accommodate(留宿),B&B(民宿;bed & breakfast),hotel(旅館),motel(汽車旅館),lodge(旅店),room and board(膳宿),hostel(青年旅館),camp(宿營;營區),single/single bed(單人房;單人床),double/double bed(雙人房;雙人床),suite(套房),twin bed(較標準雙人床大些的床),queen-size bed(大床),king-size bed(加大床),facilities(設施),equipment(設備),kitchenette(附設小廚房),laundry(洗衣店),laundromat(自助洗),cafeteria(自助式餐廳),banquet hall(宴會廳),lounge(酒吧),business center(商務中心),receptionist (接待人員),check-in/out counter(住房/退房櫃檯),cashier(出納),house-keeping(房間整理),room service(客房服務),wake-up service(叫起床),service change(服務費),lobby(大廳)vacancy(有空房間),Jacuzzi(按摩浴缸),whirlpool(漩渦式浴缸)


shuttle bus(接駁公車),door-to-door pick-up service(到府接送),bus stop(路邊巴士站),bus terminal/depot(巴士總站),cab/taxi/cabbie(計程車),meter rate(照錶收費),flat rate(不二價),car rental(租車公司),international driver’s license(國際駕照),daily/weekly/monthly rate(日/周/月租),weekly/monthly pass(周/月月票),bus/boat/airplane fare(巴士/船/機票費),fee(費用;用在使用某種設備或服務時),timetable(時間表),rest stop(休息站),subway(地下鐵),token(進出車站的代幣)。



classified ads(分類廣告),billboard(廣告看板),box office(賣票處),cable TV(有線電視),prime time(黃金時段),soap opera(午間連續劇),theater(戲院),movie theater/cinema(電影院),concert hall(音樂廳),sports events(體育活動),football stadium(足球場),volleyball/basketball court(排/籃球場),gym(體育館),fitness center(健身房),pump iron(健身),comedy(喜劇),melo-drama(戲劇),thrill/horror(驚悚恐怖),musical(音樂),suspense(懸疑),R&R(搖滾樂;Rock & Roll),R&B(節奏藍調;Rhythm & Blue),classical music(古典音樂),rap(饒舌歌)。


上述所列舉出的例字只不過是成千上萬字彙中的些許;字用的對用的好,句子用的恰當,場合適宜得體,看來不事先下點工夫花點時間還真是行不通的!「工欲善其事必先利其器」,也只有如此才會有個難忘的回憶!!Bon Voyage & Bon appétit(一路順風,遍嘗美食)!!!



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